January 15, 2014



Hillary K. Grigonis


Debut Novel Unravels a YA Mystery in a Non-Linear Narrative

Kaleidoscope Me explores the relationship between an inattentive teenager and a forgetful elder as a non-linear narrative. The debut novel of Michigan writer Hillary K. Grigonis will be available on Amazon as a paperback and ebook on Feb. 24.

Fourteen-year-old Jadyn thinks of her mind as a kaleidoscope, her thoughts scatter together, but to her, that just creates an intricate pattern. But when her Great-Aunt Nadine and little brother disappear in the middle of a late winter snowstorm, Jadyn may be the only one who can figure out where they went. As she tries to solve the puzzle, her thoughts take her back to her mother’s death, an invisible rift between friends and questions on a faith she’s always had.

“People don’t always think in a logical order. Kaleidoscope Me started as a way to explore the way our thoughts mix together, sometimes in ways that make perfect, yet disordered, sense,” Grigonis said.

Written for ages 12 and up, Kaleidoscope Me is an unusual mystery perfect for pre-teens and young teens. The novel, about 160 pages, will be published in both paperback and ebook formats.

Author Hillary K. Grigonis is a freelance web content writer and the owner of Pixel Press and Photo LLC. She lives in Michigan with her husband and young son.

For more information, visit www.hillarykgrigonis.com.

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