Book Tour: An Interview with LitPick

LitPick Interview

I’m going on tour–a virtual tour that is. For the first week, I’m stopping by LitPick, a website with a mission to promote reading through a community for teens and preteens.

I took a few minutes to chat with LitPick about how I got started in their Six Minutes With An Author feature. I started writing as a teenager for teens–and that’s the same audience I write for today. My fifth grade teacher actually told me he wouldn’t be surprised if he saw my name on a book one day. After a lot of hard work, “one day” has finally come. Check out the entire interview with LitPick.

LitPickfivestarBut, perhaps even more exciting is the latest review from the very same website–along with a Five Star Review Award! The 14-year-old reviewer had a lot of great things to say about Kaleidoscope Me: “The main story of Kaleidoscope Me takes place over an hour and 33 minutes, but in a burst of narratorial brilliance, Jadyn takes us on a journey through her entire life, flashing back to different points in time, creating a nonlinear narrative. She doesn’t shy away from the emotional events either, and I loved her growth and determination throughout the book.” For the entire review, head over to LitPick.

Don’t forget, there’s just a few hours left to enter to win an autographed copy of Kaleidoscope Me. To enter, head here, it just takes a few minutes. If you miss it, you can still pick up your own copy here.

Thanks for joining me on the first stop of the Kaleidoscope Me blog tour. Next week, watch for a review from Delaney over at The Awkward-Ness.


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